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How to Write Persuasively

how to write persuasively

While focusing on high quality website design or SEO is essential for every business, creating web copy that persuades the reader is most essential. Without a focus on content marketing, a website design is nothing more than pretty shapes and a streamlined navigation. Yet many businesses fail to recognize the most fundamental aspect of their content: persuasive writing.

Working with an experienced writer who can provide high quality content is a good way to improve your website. However, if a writer is not within your budget, follow some of these tips to creating content which is persuasive and improves your website content.

Key Tips to Help You Write Persuasively

Identify and Fill the Need

Who are you targeting and what is their pain point? Before one word of content is put to paper, it is essential to know who you are writing for and how you can connect your product or service with their needs.

Focus on the Hook

A “hook” when writing persuasively does exactly what it sounds like; it hooks the reader on your content and keeps them interested enough to continue to read the rest. Many writers focus on a question or description which draws in the reader. Determining how to fill their need will help you develop your hook and the style you want to use in your approach. Talking to business owners? Appealing to their essential needs could begin with addressing a problem. Writing for consumers? Figure out how to connect your product or service in a friendly but informative way.

Leave Them Unsatisfied

“Wait a minute,” you might be thinking. “If I’m supposed to fill their need, doesn’t leaving someone unsatisfied conflict with this?” You would be correct. The point of leaving them unsatisfied is not to force them to walk away, but instead to leave them wanting to learn more. You have described to them how you want to fill their need and have hooked them. Now, it’s time to reel them in with a compelling call to action.

If you are having trouble writing persuasively for your business, Megan Harris has extensive experience with content marketing and creating both long and short copy meant to sell. As a professional writer located in St. Louis, Megan is available to meet in person or discuss projects over the phone. Contact Megan for your writing needs today!