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Book Blurb Writing Services

A book blurb is a short pitch to the reader about why they should choose your book. They are meant to entice a reader to find out what will happen. Capturing their attention can change a reader’s mind from continuing to browse the shelves to putting your book in their basket.

Why does your book blurb matter?

Along with the title, cover, and reviews, your book blurb is a key part in selling your book. When readers are browsing shelves or pages of online ebooks, the book blurb is what they will glance at first. You want the book blurb to grab their attention and keep them reading. A well-written book blurb can mean more interest in your book, which can lead to more sales.

If you are planning to sell just ebooks, your book blurb becomes even more important because it is one of the first things the reader will see about your book. It gives the reader crucial information about your story they might not otherwise get from an ad or online post.

Book Blurb Format

Most book blurbs follow a basic format, but how the book blurb will be set up will depend on the genre of the book. In most cases, the main character will be briefly introduced to the reader first. After the main character is introduced, the conflict within the book that occurs will be discussed. The book blurb usually finishes with a hopeful question or statement to keep the reader interested.

You want to give them just enough information to capture their attention and leave them wanting to find out what happens in your story, but not give away too much of the plot. A book blurb which will arouse a reader’s curiosity to read the story you have worked on, but not give away twists within the story, is a quality one.

My Book Blurb Writing Services

I offer authors two options for book blurb writing services: a standalone service or an add-on service to an editing project.

Standalone Service

If your book is ready for publishing and you cannot think of how to describe your book to adequately grab the reader’s attention, I can help you.

I will have you provide me a synopsis of your story. After I review the synopsis, I will send you a list of questions. The questions may include clarification on details provided, inquiring about more details in the story, information about your characters, or other question to help me better understand your story. After I receive the answers to the questions, I will write the book blurb.

Add-On Service

For authors who are having me edit their story, I will already have intimate knowledge of your story and can write a book blurb to go along with your book. As I work with you throughout the editing process, I may send you questions about the story to assist me in the editing process, as well as writing the book blurb.


You want your book blurb to capture the attention of readers browsing the shelves or online. Since you want your book blurb to stand out, I want it to be just right for your book. To ensure you are happy with the book blurb, each service includes two to three revisions. If more edits are still desired after the original revisions, additional charges will apply.

Contracts and Cost

The cost of the book blurb writing service, including revisions, is $250. Each book blurb writing service will require a contract. If you choose the standalone writing service, I will send a contract for you to review and sign tailored to the book blurb writing project. If you choose to add-on the book blurb writing service before, during, or after we discuss your editing project, I will amend the contract to include the add-on service.