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Proofreading Services

There is no denying the goals of proofreading and editing are similar. However, while editing often includes a holistic review of content, structure and tone, proofreading focuses primarily on the grammar, syntax, and punctuation of the content.

Working with someone skilled in proofreading services can enhance your content on any level. Writing your own content is helpful for your project, but giving someone the opportunity to proofread for overall mistakes allows you to focus on other aspects of your work.

Self published authors especially need to be aware that proofreading as an essential service sets you apart from the competition. Not only do you have to compete in the self pub market, but many people who prefer traditional publishers who try to review self pubbed books find them riddled with errors. This perception can make it seem like you are working against a barrier, but finding the right service provider for your proofreading needs can help.

My primary background focuses on editing, but proofreading is also a service I offer for content large and small. Whether you have a short story in need of review or longer, more detailed that needs a more precise check, I can provide proofreading that fits within your budget.

Proofreader for Hire

Even the most precise writers can miss small errors in their content, and spellcheckers do not catch all mistakes when it comes to sentence structuring. Hiring a proofreader to provide a final run-through gives you the peace of mind to continue with the writing process and trust the final product will be error-free.

Your finished manuscript should be at its best the minute you publish it, and hiring a proofreader helps to achieve this goal. Alongside a high quality book cover and enticing copy on the back of your book, you need to make sure you leave no stone unturned and have someone review it one final time.

Many people make the mistake of proofreading their finalized manuscript, but often, hiring someone else to do a final pass can catch errors you had no idea existed. Their outside perspective can help give that final polish your content needs to be successful. Although being close to the work is a benefit, as the writer who produced it, you are likely to miss an error here and there that a new set of eyes would catch. That’s where someone like me can step in and help.

I am happy to take on proofreading for those clients who have also hired me for editing services, but I also proofread as a standalone service. I work in many genres and am happy to do a sample proofread of 1,000 words of your choice before we start the project. My rates are fair and, if you decide your book needs an edit before it goes to the full proofread, we can discuss reducing the proofreading rate so the overall cost of your project is affordable.

Contact me with any questions you may have about my proofreading services. I would be more than happy to help and give you a better timeline of my availability after our initial discussion.