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Novel and Short Story Manuscript Editing Services

As a manuscript editor, it is my mission to polish your treasured stories into a final product you can be proud to publish. Bringing quality authors and the best stories into the world is my mission.

Like any editor, I bring my own opinions based on my experiences with other similar projects. However, I also offer an open mind to the changes we will make together.

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My process is collaborative so your voice is heard, but since we are partners in making changes, I will provide my opinion and expertise when the situation requires it.

As a note, I follow the Editorial Freelancers Association page standards where a page is a firm 250 words, which can give you an idea of how I calculate my editing rates.

Note: I do offer proofreading as a service, but this is separate from my editing services. Generally, if I have edited your book, I will recommend a separate person complete the proofreading since they will catch things we both miss. I have several colleagues I’m happy to recommend!

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Some of My Favorite Genres Include:


Urban Fantasy



Young Adult/Coming of Age


Genres I’m less inclined to accept (though happy to refer out): 

  • Memoir
  • Nonfiction
  • Children’s books

Authors face obstacles many writers do not encounter. From characters with minds of their own and plots going off track from the initial outlining process, writing a story you feel in your heart must be told is an emotional process from start to finish. As a result, it can be difficult to hand the project off to someone else to look over the finished product and begin making changes.

When a manuscript editor joins the process, they come in with fresh eyes and an outside perspective that adds to the creative process. This is especially helpful for self published authors (often called independent authors or “indie authors”) who may have never worked with an editor before.

The process I adhere to with my clients can be an educational one that enhances your writing overall for this story and sets you up for success with the next one.

I look forward to joining you in your journey in creating a story that is enjoyable and builds a loyal following, growing your audience and filling your shelves with quality finished products for years to come.

General Editing Rates: 

  • Developmental Edits – $5.35 per page
  • Line Edits – $3.90 per page

To learn the differences between developmental edits and line edits, please visit my blog.

To request a quote, please include the following:

  • Current manuscript length
  • Genre
  • If you are still working on the project, when you anticipate completing it
  • Estimated time frame you would like edits completed

From there, I will contact you for more details and for your editing sample. I can provide a 1,000 word editing sample for those requesting edits for larger projects at no cost to you. I do accept projects of less than 10,000 words, but if you do wish for an editing sample, it will be shorter than 1,000 and at cost.