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Read Project Testimonials for Megan Harris

Through my years of providing editing and writing, I have worked on projects large and small. While I share my strengths and numerous benefits to hiring me for your work, my clients are what comes first. Ultimately, their experience and satisfaction is what matters most. Many of them have been generous enough to share their experiences below.

If you have questions or wish to speak with me about your project, please contact me. I would be happy to learn about your needs and see if I can help!

Manuscript Developmental Editing

My manuscript was tainted with plot holes and faulty character build. Being a writer who has yet to be published, having a busy work schedule, plus simply being the author I’m far too close to my work to effectively buffer those errors out. With Megan’s developmental edits, I am equipped with the comments and pointers I need to fix it. This is an editor I would definitely recommend to any writer, but especially to other unpublished authors. Also, she is personable, friendly, and interested in good conversation, which is always fun.

– Author Kevin Sustin

Manuscript Line Editing

Megan is an absolute delight to work with. She communicates well and in a timely manner, and her understanding of story mechanics is exemplary. I have worked with her on both of my current published novels, and plan to continue working with her on all future projects. She has a sharp eye for consistency and detail, and I am always confident that my stories are in good hands with her.

Author Patrick Luther

Megan Harris was a pleasure to work with in the edit process of my second novel. The feedback she provided was very detail-oriented and completed in a timely manner. I feel like some editors will take on a lot of jobs at once, but not Megan. She poured her time into making my book the best that it can be. She clearly has a passion for writing and reading and she wants to see the authors she works with shine. I also appreciated that she took the time to meet with me post-edit to discuss her own thought process. As authors, we’re constantly learning how to hone our craft, and working with an editor like Megan Harris has helped me grow as a writer. I’m incredibly thankful for all she’s done!

Author Timothy Kyle

“I have had the privilege of collaborating with Megan Harris on several projects, including ‘Shadow Aspect’ and ‘A Well Worn Path’ (scheduled for publishing in 2024 via TouchPoint), ‘Our Dog Loyal Summers—And Beyond’ (currently making the rounds in marketing), and my latest manuscript ‘Just Another One’ (represented by Langton’s International). Megan’s contributions have been invaluable, encompassing line editing, developing query letters, creating synopses, and crafting compelling blurbs. Her discerning eye consistently ensures that the manuscript aligns with my creative vision, and she excels in identifying areas that need refinement, providing valuable suggestions, and crafting seamless transitions. Megan epitomizes professionalism and is a true pleasure to work with!”

DC Rivera, novelist

I’d worked with multiple editors before Megan Harris, but she was the first who I felt truly cared about making sure I was putting out the best stories I could. Thanks to her, I was able to take my writing to the next level.  I just finished my fourth book with Megan and I’d consider her far more than just my editor.  She’s become a part of my team.

Author Rick Gualtieri

Plot holes and timeline slip-ups are the real killers in mystery novels–never mind typos. Sometimes I’m incapable of seeing them. When I heard author Rick Gualtieri singing Megan’s praises, I knew she’d be the right editor for me. Megan’s thorough, professional, smart, and friendly. I’m glad she’s here to help make my books better.

Author EM Kaplan

I’ve worked with Megan on two manuscripts. She’s made both of them so much better.  She’s talented, thoughtful, and extremely thorough. Megan has hit every deadline and is usually a few weeks early! I HIGHLY recommend her. It’s hard to find good editors, so don’t hesitate to hire Megan–your readers will thank you!

Author Jeff Altabef

Megan provided an in-depth line edit for my two novels published by Evolved Publishing. Since I’m also an editor, my manuscripts were pretty clean, but everyone needs an editor. I was surprised, pleasantly so, at the number of corrections Megan caught, the sentences she helped me tighten, and her great suggestions for smoother phrases and improved lines of dialogue. Whether we were working through chapters, scenes, paragraphs or sometimes down to single word choices, it was always a collaborative effort with back-and-forth discussion until we both were confident we had it right. Most importantly, Megan understood the voice and style of the piece and could edit to make it stronger while keeping my words, voice and style. I recommend her highly — the editor’s editor.

Author Robb Grindstaff

Megan has really improved not only the quality of my work, but also the excitement I bring to my writing on a daily basis. In addition to making sure my manuscripts are squeaky clean, she has taught me so much about writing, and has revitalized my writing career. Working with her has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in years.

Author JD Kaplan

Megan was instrumental in bringing my project to life. She brought valuable input to my project and I would happily recommend her to anyone looking for her services. I am excited about working together again in the future.

-Author Scott Barlow

Working with Megan was amazing. From start to finish she made the process easy. Editing is always such a mental (and for me, physical) drain. Before working with Megan it was also filled with unease, worry I wasn’t finding all the things I could improve. But working with Megan, knowing she was there, being able to send her what I had written and have her make it better, was a comfort. A life saver. For someone who publishes their own books like me, she is the perfect editor to have.

Author Evan Katy

Megan is a fantastic editor, so rest assured your manuscript is getting the attention it requires while in her care. And it helps that her process is simple and hassle-free, making the collaboration a pleasure from start to finish. I bounced a lot of ideas off her, and she wasn’t afraid to let me know when some weren’t working. Megan knows the bottom line means producing the best possible book for publication, and that’s exactly what she delivered. I look forward to working with her again.

Author Matt Serafini

Over the past couple of years, I have worked with Megan on several editing projects and I have been pleased with the results every time. We have developed a professional relationship that I have come to rely on and trust. I have worked with her on both line edits and developmental edits, and the constructive and timely feedback she offered resulted in published novels I could truly be proud of. Her organized and professional demeanor only added to the overall quality of my experience with her. I found her reliable, easy to work with, and, most important of all, she knows her stuff!

Author Ruby Cruz

Like many new authors, I was afraid my work wasn’t up to snuff and I didn’t know which way to turn. Then, through a series of fortunate incidents, I found Megan on Twitter. The sample edit she offered showed me how working with her would improve my manuscript. It was a great day for me. There was no question; I had found the right editor. 

Throughout the next weeks, as we worked together, Megan took my words and worked wonders with them. She was always straightforward in her approach but still sensitive to my needs as an author.

AND she taught me a lot about writing in the process. In fact, she’s made me want to keep writing so I can work with her again.

Author Dulcie Arnold

Megan edited Quintina, the second book in my YA sci-fi series The Starseed Series. This was the first time I was able to work one-on-one with an editor. The first book in the series was completed through a package service from a popular indie publishing company and everything was funneled through a team captain and a website dashboard.

Still shy about my writing, I was nervous about having someone more involved, but Megan did a wonderful job making the process easy and she never overstepped writer-editor boundaries. She really helped me to strip away extra words and descriptions that weren’t adding to the story, and was right on point identifying elements I wasn’t sure about while making suggestions on how to fix them. She not only helped me take the book to the next level, but my writing skills, as well. I’ll definitely be using her for my next book, and I’ve already recommended her to other authors.

Author Meghan Riley

Her work is excellent and timely. I’m very impressed with what she was able to do with my transcripts. It’s given me guidance and allowed me to put together a plan to get it [my book] done.

Brian Byrd, Train 4 Life Studios


When Megan finished the line edit for my book, I figured the proofread would be practically unnecessary. But page after page was spotted with typos, more misplaced commas, even some timeline errors. I am still horrified that it had so many errors. Megan said not to worry, that it happens all the time, but it was a humbling experience.

– Author Cate Radebaugh

Megan is such a pleasure to work with. She’s always on time, continually sends updates as planned and she’s always available for questions. She worked with my style sheet, asked me questions about my work, and the end result turned out wonderful! I felt not only heard and respected as an author but as a person while working with Megan and I cannot recommend her enough!

Author Rosana Rainhart

Synopsis Writing

Megan did a fine job on the synopsis and blurb [for my project involving line edits and proofreading] and gave me two beautifully developed first drafts that I am working from, along with her feedback through three to four revisions of each.

– Author Cate Radebaugh

When I needed help writing a synopsis for my novel, a psychological mystery, I contacted Megan and asked her to please take a shot at it. The synopsis came even earlier than the 30 days she asked for. I was very pleased with the results and would highly recommend her to anyone needing help with their writing projects.

-Author Gail Stockton

Book Blurb Writing

Out of all the blurb writers I hired for my first novel, Megan did the best job. She captured the spirit of a book that isn’t simple to summarize. I wish I’d gone to her first.

Author William Brinkman