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5 Digital Tools That Power My Book Editing Business

By June 21, 2024Editing Tips, Manuscript Editing

I’m often asked how I keep my book editing business running smoothly. As a mom of three who operates this business as a side job, there are a lot of reasons why I need tools that work well for my busy life and allow me to schedule time for client work.

I’ve tried a variety of software over the years and can attest that some works better than others! Here are some of my favorite digital tools for making sure I stay organized with my business, keep my clients happy, and continue having success well into the future.

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As a project management tool, Asana can’t be beat! It fits my needs in creating custom projects with due dates for all my clients. The List view using a pipeline format based on sections suits my needs well, but I take comfort in knowing there are other options built right into the software.

If there is ever a time I need to modify a project on the go, Asana’s app works perfectly!

Plus, there are many extra features like dependencies that can amplify the experience for business owners. As a solopreneur, the free plan fits me well, but it’s nice to know that Asana can grow with me as my business grows.


I’ve used many different tools to track and send out invoices, plus keep tabs on where my expenses are, and Quickbooks has by far been the best investment for my business.

While not my favorite part of owning a business, bookkeeping through Quickbooks is so easy and seamless. I use it to track invoices and expenses, plus my accountant has access to it for when we complete taxes every year.


No editor should go without a video conferencing tool that allows them to communicate with clients in prospecting or follow-up calls!

Zoom has what I need to schedule meetings, meet with clients from around the world, and collaborate with screen sharing and other tools to help build the client relationship. When I think about meeting with clients virtually, Zoom is my go-to software to accomplish it.


Where would us business owners be without Canva to guide the way? From templates and collaborative features to branding profiles and more, Canva helps me keep my social media platforms up to date with great graphics.

I especially love Canva Pro and all the options available within it. It’s a worthy investment if you consider yourself only semi okay with graphic design but want a robust tool to help you along.


Sometimes a Tiktok video I’ve made for my 6k+ followers is so good I want to share it widely on Instagram and Facebook reels!

However, I happen to be someone who hates the little watermark left behind if I download the videos from the app. Other people probably don’t care about it as much as I do, but I find it distracting on my own videos and prefer not to re-record if possible.

Enter Snaptik!

With just a few clicks I have a fresh video that’s watermark free to share on social media, including my (mostly abandoned) YouTube channel. They make it so easy that anyone can do it and reap the benefits.

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