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Editing, Proofreading, and Writing Services

From editor services to proofreading and writing, I offer a wide range of options that may fit your budget and project needs.

Please contact me if you have questions or would like more information about any of the following services.

I have worked with many talented authors, many who have been kind enough to provide a testimonial about my services. Take a look at what I offer below.

Manuscript Editing Services

From short stories to extensive manuscripts, I provide content review and line edits for authors of any genre. Learn about my editing services that can involve both developmental edits, which take a deeper dive into your story, and line edits, which refine your story.


Synopsis Writing

Some agents request synopses as part of the pitching process. At other times, it’s nice to have a summary on hand of your book’s plot for book tours or other types of book marketing. I can help you write your synopsis as an add-on to an editing project.


 Book Blurb Writing

Your book blurb is the first-real look into your book’s content. Whether you’re struggling to make your book blurb just right or need to create it from scratch, I have the experience you need to make it happen. (Can be an add-on to an editing project or a standalone service.)


Manuscript Evaluation

If you’ve written or are writing a story and want some guidance, a manuscript evaluation can provide the insight and knowledge about what’s working in your story and what’s not. Determine the level of editing you need and what to do to improve your overall story.


Proofreading Services

A final review of your written material is essential to present yourself in the best light. Proofreading makes that possible. I offer proofreading as a standalone service or as an additional service when you work with me on initial editing stages.


Writing Services

Tired of your dull content? Struggling to present your business in the right tone for your industry? Let’s talk. I can help through offering copywriting for your website. I can also take your content to the next level if you’re looking for a blogger.


What you can expect no matter the service:

  • Flexible payment options – Every project I do requires an upfront payment (1/4 to 1/2 of the project rate). However, I also understand and advocate for flexible options when needed. I believe in making it easy for clients to complete their project, with as few barriers as possible for project payment. I accept payments via Paypal, or my invoicing software (Freshbooks) and often build payment schedules into my contracts so there is no confusion.
  • Friendly service – Many of my clients aren’t just paying customers; they have become my friends. When you work with me, the focus is of course on your project, but I find that the best relationships come from knowing each other on a personal level.
  • The option to speak by phone or email – Although in a perfect world my preferred communication method (email) would work for everyone, many people would rather discuss their project over the phone. I’m happy to accommodate your preferred method so long as it does not interfere directly with the project (i.e., if more time ends up going to discussion than production, there will be fees later as outlined in the contract).
  • Transparency on project completion – I provide every client a timeline that works best for both of us, and I will communicate milestones as we work together so you are aware of the progress made. Likewise, I expect projects to have transparency on the client side, too, so if something changes in your expectations or timeline, PLEASE communicate that to me so we can find a solution!

If you have other needs or questions about my work, please contact me directly to discuss your project.