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People ask me all the time what kind of websites I have found useful in doing the work I provide or in writing my blog. Below are lists and tips about some of my associates in the field, sites that others have found useful, and some of my favorite reference tools beyond just Googling a question. Sometimes if I don’t find the answer I’m looking for, I’ll write my own blog about it, too!


A writer is not an island, so don’t isolate yourself! Getting involved in online communities is just one way to help drive your passion to write and publish.

The Indie Author Group
You’re on Facebook anyway – you may as well make it educational! Join the Indie Author Group, a frequently used group to help you connect with other writers. Talk with other writers and learn from the many resources listed within the files. Just keep the number one rule in mind – NO SPAM! That’s right, you can’t share your book links or self-promote here. All in all, it’s probably a good thing, however, as the group has grown so large there are numerous moderators across the world keeping tabs at all times.

Dan Buri

One of my clients contributed an Indie Author Confession video to the site that was so funny, I had to comment and share. That’s the kind of content you’ll find at Dan Buri’s site – lots of great information about writing, plus goodies from other authors.

All Indie Writers

Many writers who work in fiction can find success in working on their own freelance writing business. If writing is your passion and you want to take it to the next level, then this site is for you! Jennifer Mattern is an associate of mine I’ve known for a number of years who has built a career around her passion for writing. You’ll find a great community and resources galore plus no-nonsense advice about the real world of writing for a living.

The WordWraiths Writing Collective

A writing collective and independent publisher driven by indie authors, founders J. R. Frontera and Kristin Helling are writers in their own right looking to build a strong community with other writers. Check their site for more information and to see the current status on if they are open to accepting outside submissions at this time.

Author Resource Sites

No two resources are alike, but I’ve thoroughly vetted the ones provided below to give you the best information that is out there about a wide variety of writing topics.

Live Write Thrive

Of all the sites on writing I’ve come across, this site has some of the most comprehensive and resource rich information you’ll find anywhere online. C.S. Lakin and other contributors to the site provide useful, applicable knowledge that is easy to understand. If you’re an author that wants to improve your skills from people who have been where you are, read this site!

The Write Life

With thousands of subscribers and information for authors, writers who want to make a living off of their craft, and more, the resources here are a great guide to anyone looking to join a community and continue growing their knowledge.

Laura Resnick

What list of resources would be complete if it didn’t list at least one other resource list? Laura has personally vetted or received endorsements for the people, resources, and/or services she has included in her page.

Freelancer’s Union

A strong, nationwide community of freelancers, this nonprofit organization seeks to fight for freelancer’s rights such as nonpayment issues. I have personally found their contract template extremely useful as well as the communities. Freelancer’s Union also advocates for issues people don’t always think about when it comes to freelancing such as healthcare. You can’t go wrong learning what they provide!

The Passive Voice

Vetted by some of my clients and many other authors, The Passive Voice provides great insight from a legal perspective.

Writing for Theater and Film

Recommended reading for writing screenplays or other stories meant for movies, theater, etc.

Trusted Service Providers

Mallory Rock

Many of my clients have trusted Mallory Rock to make their gorgeous covers! You can trust Mallory to provide you with a high quality cover you and your readers will love that fits your genre and your story.

Novel Publicity

You can trust Novel Publicity for marketing, editing, and design services because they have a track record of success. Plus, I’m part of their team, so you know they’re great! In all seriousness, though, I feel honored to be part of such a talented group of professionals. You can’t go wrong having a large pool of people to meet your needs!

Susan Allen
Need a virtual assistant? I’ve known Susan for a very long time and she is a trusted professional with many years of experience!

Natalie McKee
From Pinterest graphics and writing, to virtual assistant services, Natalie is well-rounded and provides excellent service!