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Why Manuscript Editing is an Investment in Yourself

By May 24, 2015December 30th, 2018Hiring an Editor, Manuscript Editing

investing in an editor

Many writers value what they write because it takes a lot of work to craft a story. However, editing can be a daunting task that is both intimidating and frightening.

It’s hard to look at your work with a critical eye, but working with a manuscript editor who knows how you’re feeling and knows what steps you need to take to make your book the best it can be is not only an investment in your work, but in yourself.

Here’s why:

Better Understanding of Your Writing Process

With an editor on your side, your writing process not only becomes clearer, but allows for room for improvement. When you write a book, you tend to have a close view of the story and may not see common errors you make throughout the book.

An editor can recognize patterns in your writing that may make for awkward wording, unclear storytelling, or dialogue that can be improved with some tweaks. When you invest in your manuscript, you come away with a better understanding of yourself.


Higher Quality Product

Although many writers may have confidence in their own editing abilities, the truth of it is you will not catch every error. If you’re already close to the writing to the point that you have looked at it repeatedly, you’re better off bringing in an outside person to identify trouble spots.

An editor is on your side and advocates for your work to be the best it can. The end result? A book that is better than you might have imagined.

Confidence Your Readers Will Enjoy the Story

If you have done all of the necessary steps – from gaining feedback from beta readers, to working with an editor and going through a final read-through of your manuscript – you can come away from the process not only feeling good about your final product, but with the confidence your readers will love your story.

It’s daunting to pursue manuscript editing when you’re done writing your story. However, there are more benefits than drawbacks, and once you adopt a mission that is dedicated to better quality books, improved writing, and a better story overall that readers will love, you’ll see the investment was worth the time.