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A Few of My Dream Projects

By January 19, 2015July 7th, 2016St. Louis Professional Editor, St. Louis SEO Copywriter

dream projectsI have worked with some amazing professionals over the years, many of which have been nice enough to say kind words about my work.

As I continue to develop myself as a writing and editing professional, my personal interests often become daydreams which combine with my passion in ways I have not yet attempted. Here are a few dream projects which would be fun to attempt.

My Dream Projects – Editing

  • Editing (or writing) a web comic – For almost seven years, I have been a devoted reader of Questionable Content, a web comic written and illustrated by Jeph Jacques. Jeph has been devoting his time fully to QC for over 10 years, and his character development and skill for art inspires me to be more creative every day. While I do not have the artistic abilities Jeph has, it would be fun to develop a web series and partner with an illustrator to bring it to life.
  • Editing a screenplay – I love movies. Hands down, they are one of my favorite escapes to a long day of work. While many people devote their writing time to articles and blogs, I would like to someday devote my time to editing a screenplay from a writer looking to pitch to big studios.
  • Editing more horror/comedy/action manuscripts – Writers who take chances and think outside of the box are right up my alley. Some of the most difficult writing involves suspense, hitting jokes on just the right beat, and getting the details of a fight scene just right. Perhaps it’s the movie buff in me, but editing more projects revolving around horror, comedy, and action, or a combination of all three, would be highly satisfying. (If this describes your project, please contact me.)

My Dream Projects – Writing

  • Writing a screenplay – I have much to learn about writing a screenplay, such as the formatting or what constitutes a screenplay, but it would definitely be a project worth attempting.
  • Nonprofit Program Material Review – Before I began to pursue a career in marketing, I studied political science and received a Masters in Public Administration. Much of my studies and internships during my education involved nonprofit management. I would love to review RFPs, grant applications, and other promotional materials nonprofit organizations would like a second eye to scrutinize. For a project like this, I would likely offer a reduced rate or pro bono project.

[photo credit – robby_m]