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Find Editor Megan Harris on Facebook

editor megan harrisA message from editor Megan Harris regarding business changes.

Social media constantly presents challenges to business owners, myself included, and one such challenge on Facebook in particular is the limited ways pages can be changed over time.

When I began providing freelance services, I focused on writing primarily, with some social media management and editing. Pretty soon, however, editing became my passion. Despite the change, though, Facebook would not let me change my URL or name, both of which remained geared towards my former focus on writing.

Facebook does allow you to make some changes to pages, but in some instances, you must provide documentation for the name change.

Once I decided a major change had to take place, creating a new page was a snap. I had done them before for other people and monitored my old page, so it was easy to do.

The major blunder I had made with the previous page included not posting frequently enough once work and life became busier; not posting more information rather than promotional posts; and failing to interact enough. I hope not to make the same mistakes again.

If you’re interested in connecting with me on Facebook, my new Facebook page is at httpss:// Feel free to leave me a note and I’ll do my best to utilize this page better than my previous one!